Covid-19 now has Germany firmly in its grip and we are confronted more with situations that we did not know before. 

As a result of a special consultation of the management levels of Memento, we have decided to take extensive measures to protect our employees and customers as well as all our families, with which we too can contribute to the slowest possible spread of the Corona Pandemic.

At the same time, however, thanks also to the high level of commitment of our technical staff, we were able to convert and expand the systems of all companies at short notice in such a way that the companies‘ ability to work is 100% guaranteed by the provision of home workstations, and even in the event of a complete quarantine there will be no loss of working hours. In addition, we support the parents among the employees so that they can work from home from Monday onwards. In order to ensure the care of our employees‘ children, we offer flexible working time models. 

If we all stick together now and support each other, we will all pass this test for ourselves and our society.

Stay healthy and get through the special times ahead!