The ICO of 2018 - cryptocurrency for pleasure entertainment virtual reality

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RedBUX ITO finished!

9.428.074.972 RDBX sold
all tokens distributed

Now we focus on the next steps:

Accept Point
vrXcity launch

More than 90+ employees created world’s 1st most amazing technology to make an adult VR playground become reality. This is the first step of a multi-billion-dollar revolution, disrupting the massive industry. Be part of it.

Product and VISION

Building the most advanced viewer experience in vrXcity and revolutionizing payment in the adult entertainment industry with redBUX at the same time.

The redBUX token will be the engine boosting the development of the most advanced and responsive virtual reality experience ever created. The vrXcity will be a photo-realistic ecosystem where the user can fully interact with 3D-versions of his favourite stars or/and other users and create own content to fulfil all possible fantasies. The newest in virtual reality technology will be combined with artificially intelligent avatars, everything responds to the actions of the user to create the most realistic feel. 

The biggest names in adult entertainment like Wicked Pictures will run their studio in the vrXcity and start using the redBUX in their own market places to benefit from the decentralized cryptocurrency and to guarantee that redBUX will become the preferred means of payment in the industry. WebCam providers will also move their services into the vrXcity and use redBUX as the ONLY cryptocurrency on all their webcam channels, which will lead to tens of thousands of redBUX transactions per day!

More than 90+ employees created world’s 1st most amazing technology to make an adult VR playground become reality. This is the first step of a multi-billion-dollar revolution, disrupting the massive industry. Be part of it.

This is the future in the ultimate adult fan satisfaction, and I'm honored to take part in it.

Jessica Drake

about vrXcity at
AVN 2017 (Wicked Pictures)

vrXcity Ecosystem Partners

Selection of our largest partners within our ecosystem of vrXcity

How vrXcity works

The casting

Select your own virtual avatar
and choose one of currently 900+ pre-scanned 3D stars to play with.

Ever seen a shooting without actors? For your character, there’s a great variety of pre-designed features, that can be customized as you like. It’s also possible to visit one of vrXcity's physical scanning stations and become a real 3D model for vrXcity.

The location

Choose your studio, flat or other spaces.

Depending on what kind of fantasy you are about to dive into, you can find or build the perfect setting. Looking for a cozy environment to experience your adventure? Or maybe a spacious loft to invite all your virtual friends? No problem! VrXcity provides a huge collection of virtual apartments, houses and other spaces that you can purchase, design, develop and even trade. Citizens of vrXcity can buy virtual real-estate and use the VR composing tool to individualize every detail of the property. Companies like Wicked Pictures can offer pre-designed rooms that reflect their brand.


User generated content

Now it’s time to get your VR experience started!

You select one of many pre-created scenarios that let you interact with the stars that you choose and use the VR composing tool to become a scene director of high-quality adult VR content.

And if you like company while meeting your stars, invite your virtual friends over for a sex party!

If you are open to sharing your fantasies with other vrXcity citizens, you can publish your unique VR production on the vrXcity platform and charge viewers and even participants in redBUX.


Distributed P2P payment with
ad-hoc revenue split

The vrXcity platform manages the interests of various financial stakeholders. The creator of an adult VR experience, the VR models who virtually act inside that experience, the owner of a virtual scenery, and of course the VR consumer - all of them want to reliably receive and send payments from and to other platform members. The digital asset-related smart contract structure of vrXcity and its associated cryptocurrency redBUX automatically handle all revenue splits and make sure that all stakeholders of a VR experience receive their contract based redBUX share.

Some of our selected models

vrXcity ecosystem

Why cryptocurrency?

The vrXcity ecosystem in a nutshell

Power to the people

Everybody will be able to buy redBUX and become a part of our project

Kickstarting our platform

Incentivize users, models, and 3rd parties to participate

Minimize friction costs

Minimize costs associated with transactions between different parties

The new star on the blockchain horizon

New and still affordable token with great potential

Reason for the redBUX token

Some general informations about our redBUX tokens

Safe, fast and anonymous

The underlying blockchain technology ensures safe, instant and anonymous transactions

redBUX community

Establishing redBUX (and getting more and more partners on board) will help us building an active community all over the world

Avoid excessive fees

Minimize costs associated with transactions between different parties

Fair and transparent compensation

Our smart contract ensures a fair and transparent distribution of redBUX. Amateur content creators, stars and studios get their share directly from the consumers!

Token design & distribution

redBUX is designed as a ERC20 utility token and will be used as a guaranteed means of payment in the ecosystem of vrXcity as well as in more than 6.000 initial points of payment on adult entertainment websites and retail.

Through technical innovations and the use of blockchain technology, redBUX enables payments within the VR world without having to remove the VR glasses or leaving the 3D world. The token provides the user with secure and anonymous access to erotic content, and offers real-time commission settlement to all stakeholders.

Token distribution

Token sale

Proceeds Allocation

Token sale

Public Pre-sale 22.03. - 15.04.18
Main Sale (ITO) 23.04. - 21.05.18
Total supply
Crowdsale Amount
Price 1 EUR = 100 redBUX
Pre-sale bonus +35%
Accepted Currencies EUR, USD, ETH, BTC
Hard capped yes

Proceeds Allocation

Use cases

vrXcity team

The team behind vrXcity and the redBUX has been building the business since 2014, starting out with 3D scans of stars and printed figurines for fans in Europe and the US.

Tobias Platte


He worked as a banker and marketing manager and was the head of marketing at Deutsche Bank and later ran an international advertising agency. The additional experience as founder and COO of several startup companies developed his strategic and analytic mind that is now the driving force behind the vrXcity ecosystem, including the redBUX token.

Sebastian Malm


Sebastian is in charge of the whole production cycle with a focus on product development, services, and coordinates the production teams. He has years of games and finance-experience under his belt and is a renowned expert for gamification/UX. Perfecting highly complex systems and excellence in delivery are Sebastian's daily basics.

Programming & R&D

Head of Department
Quinten Dessauvage

+ 14 more members

Concept & Game Design

Head of Department
Carsten Scheer

+ 4 more members

Animation & Mocap

Head of Department
Matthias Müller

+ 12 more members

Character Art & Enviroment Art

Head of Department
Felix Maier & Paul Paslea

+ 30 more members

Other Departments

+ 29 more members


Summits and conferences all over the world

  • Venus Berlin

    11th - 14th October, 2018
  • Adult Entertainment Expo - Las Vegas

    23th - 26th January, 2019

Press Releases

Latest news about redBUX & vrXcity

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the redBUX distribution schedule?

The redBUX allocation schedule is: 45.5% for the main sale, 19.5% for presale, 14% to advisors, 10.5% to the team, 7% for referral programs, and 3.5% reserve.

We will soon provide further information on this subject.

redBUX is the cryptocurrency developed by the company me.mento to power their revoutionary vrXcity adult entertainment virtual reality product.

Our headquarters is in Berlin, Germany at Lise-Meitner-Str. 45/A.

Any ERC20 Compliant (EIP-20) Ethereum wallet can be used to receive Tokens. MyEtherWallet and MetaMask are recommended.

No. Please DO NOT send ETH from an exchange wallet. You will not receive your tokens if you do so and your investment will be lost. Instead, please be sure to send your ETH from a wallet like MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.

No. After the cap of 20 billion redBUX is reached, no additional redBUX will be issued.

Tokens will be distributed after the ITO ends.

There are a total of redBUX tokens.

Investors from across the globe are welcome to invest with the exception of a few regulated countries: USA, People’s Republic of China (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau are allowed), Republic of Singapore, North and South Koreas, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba.

The minimum investment is €100.00.

The current pre-sale price is 100 BUX = €.74. There are airdrops and other incentives for ITO investors.

You have a lifetime guarantee that vrXcity will accept your tokens. We also currently have over 6,000 partners that accept redBUX (BUX) payments.

We accept crypto payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XLM as well as USD and EUR via bank transfer.

If you purchase during the ITO you are given free redBUX to spend on vrXcity content, content from hundreds of partner sites, and sell to other users on exchanges once the currency is listed!

vrXcity and partner services will maintain stable pricing for redBUX when the coin goes live. That means users will put positive pressure on exchange pricing if the token price ever dips below €1 =100 redBUX and push the price back up again.

Buy during the ITO for sale prices, airdrop bonuses, and a stable exchange price that assures profits for ITO participants.

Everyone who invests at all during the ITO has received an airdrop bonus. The earlier you invest, the more in airdrop bonuses you will receive!

Pre-sale investors and those who invest during week 1 of the ITO has received the maximum possible airdrop amount, totaling to 300% in airdrop bonuses by the end of the ITO!

NOTE: The redBUX team, ecosystem partners, and certain large-sum investors who have already been contacted by the team are NOT eligible for airdrops.

As an incentive for people to invest during the ITO, me.mento was offering huge airdrop bonuses!

There were four scheduled airdrops:

• Airdrop 1: April 29, 2018. Everyone who has invested by this date has received a 50% airdrop bonus
• Airdrop 2: May 6, 2018. Everyone who has invested by this date has received a 60% airdrop bonus
• Airdrop 3: May 13, 2018. Everyone who has invested by this date has received a 70% airdrop bonus
• Airdrop 4: May 20, 2018. Everyone who has invested by this date has received a 120% airdrop bonus

Invest before the first airdrop and receive a cumulative 300% in airdrop bonuses by the end of the ITO!

The earlier you invest, the more in airdrop bonuses you will received. You will not be able to retroactively claim bonuses for airdrops which occurred prior to when your investment was made.

Accompanied by Zcash, NEM, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Monero, Stratis and Bitcoin the new crypto currency redBUX and its associated VR product vrXcity finally open up a whole universe of groundbreaking opportunities and markets to the adult content consumer as well as to the adult content industry.

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