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Product and VISION

With redBUX we revolutionize the payment process in the global erotic industry. The first partner is vrXcity, with whom we develop the most modern and interactive erotic VR experience.

Building the most advanced viewer experience in vrXcity and revolutionizing payment in the adult entertainment industry with redBUX at the same time. Particularly in 2019, stability and security are perhaps the most important properties in the crypto currency field. This is why redBUX presents itself as a holistic solution within adult entertainment thanks to its versatile application possibilities.

Simply implemented via API, redBUX offers a secure payment method to enable even more discreet and simple use on the most diverse platforms in the adult industry (e.g. for shops, webcams and other industry-wide portals). Another advantage of the redBUX blockchain technology is its use for payment splitting, but also multi-layered fee and commission models. The result: inexpensive and fast transactions worldwide - the redBUX revolution begins!

This is the future in the ultimate adult fan satisfaction, and I'm honored to take part in it.

Jessica Drake

about vrXcity at
AVN 2017 (Wicked Pictures)

vrXcity Ecosystem Partners

Selection of our largest partners within our ecosystem of vrXcity

vrXcity ecosystem

Why cryptocurrency?

The vrXcity ecosystem in a nutshell

Power to the people

Everybody will be able to buy redBUX and become a part of our project

Kickstarting our platform

Incentivize users, models, and 3rd parties to participate

Minimize friction costs

Minimize costs associated with transactions between different parties

The new star on the blockchain horizon

New and still affordable token with great potential

Reason for the redBUX token

Some general informations about our redBUX tokens

Safe, fast and anonymous

The underlying blockchain technology ensures safe, instant and anonymous transactions

redBUX community

Establishing redBUX (and getting more and more partners on board) will help us building an active community all over the world

Avoid excessive fees

Minimize costs associated with transactions between different parties

Fair and transparent compensation

Our smart contract ensures a fair and transparent distribution of redBUX. Amateur content creators, stars and studios get their share directly from the consumers!

Token design & distribution

redBUX is designed as a ERC20 utility token and will be used as a guaranteed means of payment in the ecosystem of vrXcity as well as in more than 6.000 initial points of payment on adult entertainment websites and retail.

Through technical innovations and the use of blockchain technology, redBUX enables payments within the VR world without having to remove the VR glasses or leaving the 3D world. The token provides the user with secure and anonymous access to erotic content, and offers real-time commission settlement to all stakeholders.

Behind redBUX

The team behind redBUX has been building the business since 2014, starting out with 3D scans of stars and printed figurines for fans in Europe and the US.

Tobias Platte


He worked as a banker and marketing manager and was the head of marketing at Deutsche Bank and later ran an international advertising agency. The additional experience as founder and COO of several startup companies developed his strategic and analytic mind that is now the driving force behind the vrXcity ecosystem, including the redBUX token.

Sebastian Malm


Sebastian is in charge of the whole production cycle with a focus on product development, services, and coordinates the production teams. He has years of games and finance-experience under his belt and is a renowned expert for gamification/UX. Perfecting highly complex systems and excellence in delivery are Sebastian's daily basics.

Company Infos

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Partner Management

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Summits and conferences all over the world

  • XBIZ Miami

    28th - 31th May, 2019
  • Adult Entertainment Expo - Las Vegas

    22th - 25th January, 2020

Press Releases

Latest news about redBUX & vrXcity

With vrXcity we develop the most modern and interactive erotic VR experience and revolutionize the payment process in the global erotic industry with redBUX. The redBUX token will be the driving force behind the development of the most interactive and advanced VR erotic experience yet. vrXcity will be a photorealistic environment in which users will be able to interact fully with 3D versions of their favorite erotic stars as well as those of other users. You can create your own content and make fantasies come true virtually. Avatars are combined with the latest VR technology, which reacts individually to user input and makes the experience very realistic. The biggest names in the industry, such as Wicked Pictures, will use the decentralized crypto currency redBUX there and on their own existing channels, thereby accelerating the use of redBUX as the preferred anonymous payment method in the industry. The redBUX is also available to WebCam providers as an easy-to-implement crypto currency.

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